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Excello Bird food

Large bird seed mix: $3.99/lb

 ---used for conure size and up


small bird seed mix: $2.99/lb

 ---used for parakeet, lovebird, cockatiel and all other species with similar size


Fruit Pellets (medium sized): $2.69/lb

Stovetop Fruits: $3.99/lb


Mixed nuts: $6.59/lb

Sunflower seed: $.99/lb

Parrot Treat: $4.99/ lb


Millet Spray: $ .89/each

Cuttle fish bone: $.99 /each


**note we also have individual nuts for sale, please let me know what kind of nuts you are looking for and the quantity, and we will be more than happy to give you a price quote!

Harrison/ Zupreem


Harrison bread mix :$9.99/255g bag

(original, hot pepper, or millet/flax mix)


Harrison high potency: $32.88/5lb bag

(coarse/ fine)                $9.99/1lb bag


Harrison high potency: $26.88/3lb bag

(super fine/mash)         $9.99/1lb bag


Harrison adult lifetime: $26.88/5lb bag

(coarse/fine)                  $9.99/1lb bag


Harrison adult lifetime: $25.88/3lb bag

(super fine/mash)         $9.99/1lb bag


Zupreem (coming soon!)



Bird Toys/ spray/bedding

corn cob bedding: $.85 /lb


Toy for small/medium bird : $4.99/each

Toy for parrot : $9.99-15.99


$10 small bird

$20 big bird


$10/night or $60/week small bird

$20/night or $120/week big bird


Customized sessions, call for pricing! 

We carry Excello bird food brand! 


We proudly carry EXCELLO bird food for our birds from parakeet, lovebird size up to blue and gold macaw. The seed mix contains basic nutrition needed for the birds such as safflower, sun flower, as well as fruit pellets and actual dry fruits to make it perfect balance for your feathered friend! 



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