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We proudly carry Exotic Nutrition products for the

                        following small animals


Sugar glider complete: $25.00 / 5lb bag

Premium sugar glider diet: $16.79 /3lb bag

sugar glider instant HPW: $16.75/ 16 oz bag

                                        $65.95/5lb bag


Hedgehog complete: $19.95/ 5lb bag

Chinchilla diet with rose hip: $18/ 7lb bag

Fruit Kabob: $8.99/ea

Monkey Biscuits: $9.99/bag


 pellet food for rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or rats :$1.89/lb

---contains pellet made with timothy hay, as well as yummy fruit pellets to make sure your baby has a balance diet!


Live mealworms (limited quantity): $10.99/ 500 count. 3/4"-1"
Dried mealworms: $6.99/can
check with our associate in store for running wheels, hammock, chewing sticks,chinchilla dust, etc. 












Corn cob bedding: $.85/ lb

Chew wood: $4.99/bag

Pet cage cleanser: $6.99/bottle

Chinchilla dust: $10.99/each

Alfalfa 24oz:$6.99/each

Hay haven: $5.99/each


Carry bonding pouch : $16.69/each

3 - Tier Polar Tower pouch:



$10/night or $60/week


$15 clipping nails

$20 clipping,brushing,dematting


personalized sessions, 

call for details! 

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